As part of Melbourne Fringe, Critical Mass is a collaboration between Blak Dot Gallery, Brunswick Mechanics Institute, Siteworks & Testing Grounds.

Blak Dot Gallery presented: Critical Mass: Locked In

In an intensive Big Brother scenario, watcing five sets of three artists being locked away for twelve hours apiece - from 6pm until 6am over a week-long installation. Locked In was a immersive creative experience for all of the artists involved. Their brief was broad and their preferred mediums diverse. They did not know who their lock-in partners where until they arrive at the gallery and they created unique work responding to the theme of Critical Mass. At the conclusion of the creative nights, an exhibition of the resulting works.

Thanks and a big congratulations to the participating artist:
Aida Azin, Anna Liebzeit, Colectiva Feminista Cambalache, Constanza Jara, Frances Tapueluelu, Gina Ropiha, Guy Ritani, Kareen Adam, Peter Waples-Crowe, Susan Marco Forrester, Tama Sharman, Tony Tia, Tyson Campbell & Victor E Guzman. Curator Kimba Thompson.

KImba Thompson