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Re:Appropriate discusses western ideas of identity, religion, historical and contemporary visual representation in the context of post-colonial cultures. Each artist brings their own perspective on the dichotomy of living in two cultures through their artwork. First addressing the appropriated source, image or idea then twisting or re-presenting them from their own experience and reactions to them. Each artist was given the title then asked to respond with a piece that reflected their interpretation of the subject matter. From Bindi Coles tongue in cheek poke at infomercials to Frances Tapueluelu’s reflections on religious dogma the works represent a variety of responses.

Somali/Australian artist, Susan Forrester re-appropriates what was once an object born from an era of racist attitudes, the golliwog. Susan’s golliwogs do not lie passively as a grotesque reminder of their origin, they will tear your eyes out.

Samoan/Australian artist, Maryann Talia Pau’s work casts a western aesthetic on the tradition of weaving in the pacific. Her work elevates the art form from its sometimes utilitarian origin and purpose to a place of high fashion evident in her body adornments being used by fashion designers.

These are just some of the ideas behind appropriation and it’s place in today’s Indigenous cultures. While not presuming to solve the question of the legitimacy of appropriation the show hopes to keep the conversation alive about the issues surrounding its usage.

Earlier Event: 18 August
Later Event: 13 October