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Artist: Tri Sasongko
30 August – 16 September 2012

The exhibition explores the relationship between humans, nature, and modern society. The artworks selected for this exhibition are a series of ink and mixed media paintings, inspired by traditional Indonesian folklore and motifs. Melding abstractions and form together using his highly decorative and unique style, Sasongko has developed a collection of works that invite the viewer to contemplate nature and life.

Tri Sasongko is a respected Javanese painter, illustrator and traditional Batik artist whose art practise explores spiritual storytelling through various traditional and contemporary mark making techniques.

Tri Sasongko’s practice primarily focuses on the re-interpretation of the traditional batik process. He is deeply influenced by Indigenous Javanese decorative motifs, as his family has practiced the art of batik for over 200 years.

Tri Sasongko lives in Yogyakarta, the capital city of Central Java, known as the centre of Indonesian arts and culture. He has exhibited in Indonesia, China, Japan and Spain winning various awards including a UNESCO and ASEAN art award. Tri Sasongko works as a fashion and jewellery designer and is currently studying Fine Art – Painting, at the Indinesian Art Institute (ISI) in Yogyakarta.

This is his first solo exhibition in Australia prior to exhibiting in Hungary and Vienna in October 2012.

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Later Event: 27 September