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Burji arts presents NOT “made in Somalia” an exhibition by Nadia Faragaab

Cultures that embrace change are more successful at developing and contributing new ideas and innovation. ‘NOT Made In Somalia’ looks at everyday objects in Somali culture. How they could benefit from a ‘revamp’ to suit our modern day lifestyles and therefore continue to be relevant represantations of Somali culture. Symbols that contribute to developing new ways of eating, wearing, seeing, being, while maintaining and adding to the old.

‘NOT Made In Somalia’ explores the need for Somali culture to evolve in order for it to continue to be relevant beyond the practical. keeping cultural symbols alive. e.g. The Aqal Somali (The nomadic Somali Tent, literally House-Somali) has been kept relevant  today by the big number of Somalis who are still Nomads and the internally displaced in  cities in Somalia as well as in neighbouring countries.

The exhibition explores, how long visual representation of Somali culture such as oodkac/muqmad/xolad as well as the aqal Somali will be around with and without constant maintenance. 

‘NOT Made In Somalia’ also delves into Somali superstition and the shunning of spirituality as being anti Islamic. The practice of Saar by woman to overcome unexplainable physical and mental illness.

Exhibition opening: Thursday 5 December 2013

Free Somali Poetry: Magan, Munira, Madaale, Sunday 15 December 2:00pm

Exhibition Closing: Sunday 22 December 2013

Earlier Event: 21 November
Later Event: 16 January