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TIPU – ( Maori meaning “to grow/develop” )

A solo exhibition by Frances Pomare

Opening Thursday 14th March 6.30pm-8.30pm

The TIPU series of works, symbolises my Maori heritage and culture, also the impact that the modern world has had on them and how myself and many other Maori have had to adapt. This work expresses that emotion and influence in terms of how I have seen myself, as a Maori artist and designer, grow and develop over the years embracing both modern and traditional ideas.

Born and raised in the rural township of Hokianga (NZ), I was constantly immersed in Maori culture and traditions that had been passed on from generation to generation. This period of my life would eventually cement the foundations for who I would become, not only as a Maori woman living abroad, but also as an artist and designer.

The exhibition pieces showcase modern materials depicting abstract forms of Maori kakahu (clothing) and designs, all of which are reflective of the change in times and the adaptation to those changes whilst still having a strong grasp on traditional Maori design and aesthetics.

TIPU – we begin as Maori, we develop as Maori, we continue to grow as Maori.

Earlier Event: 28 February
Later Event: 4 April