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Curated by Eugenia Flynn

Blak Dot Gallery is proud to present IMMERSION a new exhibition by world renowned Aboriginal photographic artist Wayne Quilliam.

Best known for his striking images of earth, landscape and ceremony, Wayne has travelled the country and the world documenting unique stories as viewed through the lens of an Aboriginal man, with complexity of identity and all that encompasses.

IMMERSION presents the viewer with the opportunity to view the world around us as Wayne does. As we view the photographic artist’s powerful images we are drawn out of our present and immersed in to the world of Aboriginal Australia. Beyond the stereotypes, we are challenged about our assumptions of what visual imagery the term ‘Aboriginal Australia’ evokes by being immersed into stories that celebrate humanity through shared experience of culture from the perspective of one Aboriginal man.

A profound embodiment of Reconciliation, IMMERSION gives the viewer the opportunity to not only view beautiful images but also to experience a sense of dialogue, as the images presented evoke shared narratives between photographer and subject(s). Rather than being observers to the stories told through the images, we are drawn in to the narratives and the shared cultural exchange between Wayne and his subject(s).

Earlier Event: 4 April
Later Event: 8 August