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‘We value the vision’ Celebrating Indigenous designs, stories and cultures, youth crafting their own future’ through art… Celebrating Reconciliation Week

This exciting collaboration with our artist in residence Matt ‘Adnate’ (a member of the International Street Art collective ‘Awol Crew’) and six young emerging artists from Northern Melbourne’s urban Indigenous communities and six young artists from migrant & refugee backgrounds to produce works for this exhibition at Blak Dot Gallery

Adnate will mentor our youth with an interest in street art giving an insight to all styles used in producing & looking at different mediums in the creation of making individual works.

Collaboration’s are nothing new to the world of street art, with artists working on back to back piece’s to create new and varied expressions of the style to enhance or showcase diversity of skills and voices. This device will be explored between the participating emerging artists as work is organically layered and fused to achieve the final outcome. Each artist will be bringing their own unique handwriting to the work to create what could be labelled as conversations in ink and acrylic.

As an Indigenous-run art space, the use of Blak Dot reinforces some of the galleries key objectives to foster up and coming Indigenous artists and find new ways to host collaborations with artists from all cultures. X KULTURAL FUSION holds layers of meaning for the space, the participating artists and the ensuing artwork.

The work will be recorded for future reference but also stresses the importance of viewing the show up front to experience it personally during its all too brief existence.

In Australia today there is a tradition of Indigenous cultures from different ethnic backgrounds living in a state of constant conflict. Gang fights have become common and there appears to be culture of racial intolerance between Indigenous Australian and refugee communities.

This project will attempt to reconcile these cultural clashes by creating a situation in which young members of diverse ethnic communities work side by side to achieve common goals and learn about each other’s culture.

Proudly supported by: The City Of Moreland

Our Partners:
The Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency (VACCA)
Victorian Cooperative on Children’s Services for Ethnic Groups (VICSEG)

Earlier Event: 1 May
Later Event: 18 September