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Blak Dot is proud to present Mala Yananinon in our series of celebrations for this year’s 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages.

The Mala Yaninion Exhibition – present journey speaks to the VACL journey and the journey of First Peoples Language reclamation and revival.

Uncle Sandy Atkinson registered VACL as an Aboriginal community organisation, dedicated to the revival and reclamation of Victorian First Peoples Langugaes.

Since then Uncle Sandy and all founding members, and all those who have walked with them, sharing a deep passion and a vision for First Languages revival, and in 2019 VACL celebrates the Corporations 25th anniversary.

VACL has travelled with community, working to promote and restore the cultural value of language.  The foundation and building years brought about the publication of many First Languages publications, created pathways for the development of First Peoples Linguistic ‘academics and Language Workers, and VACL has supported the identification and recognition of 44 Victorian First languages.

Living Languages is our commitment to Victorian Aboriginal people. 

Changing technologies and increased demand for Aboriginal language and linguistic expertise, advice and guidance, VACL have to review our strategic direction, practices and Corporation structure to meet community expectations, strengthen our positioning within the Victorian cultural heritage framework and along with working in collaboration across many Victorian Aboriginal government portfolios.

VACL is proud to offer our communities and all visitors a glimpse into the rich history of First Languages revival and the 25 years anniversary of VACL and the story of our founder Uncle John ‘Sandy’ Atkinson.

Earlier Event: 13 June
Later Event: 25 July