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Blak Dot Gallery presents ‘Feedback Loop’, a group exhibition as part of Climarte’s ART+CLIMATE=CHANGE 2017 festival.

Feedback loops are considered vicious or virtuous cycles in climate change. A positive feedback loop is a vicious cycle accelerating marine population collapse through overfishing, whereas a negative feedback loop virtuously decelerates it through marine nurseries.

Indigenous people have historically sustained negative feedback through reciprocal practices, and yet they are among the first to suffer the consequences of climate change. Grounded in the interconnectedness of all living creatures and preservation of our natural ecosystems, indigenous knowledge systems continue to evolve amidst ignorance, silencing and violent dismissal.

‘Feedback Loop’ addresses human acts of reciprocity with nature and the natural world – or lack thereof. Descending from a peoples who have long lived in harmony with the natural world, each artist explores contemporary perspectives of human relation to the land and how it feeds into social relations. Through performance, installation, sculpture, photography, video and sound, ‘Feedback Loop’ challenges our personal onus to positive or negative feedback loops.

Artists include: Get To Work | Hannah Donnelly | Talia Smith | Frances Tapueluelu | Jahra ‘Rager’ Wasasala | Katie West

Curated by Catherine Hunt
Assistant Curator Tahnee Edwards

Image: 'Dance For You', Get To Work (2016)

Wheelchair accessible

Earlier Event: 25 March
Later Event: 11 May