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We are sorry to announce that we have to cancel this event as Rafael was unable to board his flight two days ago as he was informed by Embassy of Australia his son couldn't board due to complications with his visa. This event will hopefully be rescheduled in 2019.

Thank you for your understanding BDG.

WORLD AS I SEE - the art of journalism.

By: Visiting Mexican artist Rafael Cruz

World as I See by Rafael Cruz combines photography and video art to capture the daily life of his subjects. In 2008, with few belongings and a camera, Cruz began a journey in portraying his own history. The resulting images represent the meeting points of diverse worldviews under the language of culture and iconography. Cruz’s photographs are brought to life through the depiction of unique moments and emotions within his images.

Born in Colima, Mexico, Rafael Cruz studied journalism, specialising in photojournalism. Cruz completed his Master of Photography and was recently employed as an official photographer for the state of Colima. Cruz is a full-time photojournalist and director of cultural magazine, Polofónica.

Photo book:

Earlier Event: 1 November
Later Event: 1 February
‘laka-wan ngeerang woorroong’