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‘laka-wan ngeerang woorroong’


Blak Dot is proud to present the first of our celebrations for this year’s 2019 International Year of Indigenous Languages.

‘laka-wan ngeerang woorroong’ is a family exhibition that ‘speaks’ our ‘Mother Tongue’. The two families that are sharing their stories, the Bundle Mob of the Yuin and the Gunditjmara Couzens, are connected through kinship and blood. Walking in the footsteps of their Ancestors, continuing creative cultural expression across both contemporary and traditional media. Together these families will come together to share their collective learning's of language.

Artist brief was ‘To create works that ‘speaks’ our ‘Mother Tongue’ Language. Through this we will learn, retain and create future use of our language. Each was asked to find a word or two in their language and create an artwork that ‘spoke’ to that word. Some family members are practicing artists, some family members say they aren’t (but should be), together they share their language learning's and family stories in an amazing, eclectic and deeply meaningful collection of works and ceremony.

1. Languages, with their complex implications for identity, cultural diversity, spirituality, communication, social integration, education and development, are of crucial importance for people and the planet. People not only embed in languages their history, traditions, memory, traditional knowledge, unique modes of thinking, meaning and expression, but more importantly they also construct their future through them.

2. Language is a core component of human rights and fundamental freedoms and is essential to realizing sustainable development, good governance, peace and reconciliation. A person’s freedom to use his or her chosen language is a prerequisite to freedom of thought, freedom of opinion and expression, access to education and information, employment and other values enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.’

(excerpt from the Action Plan for Indigenous Languages UNESCO -

Artists include: Bronwyn Razem | Gina Bundle | Robert Bundle | Kylee Bundle | Vicki Couzens | Jarrah Bundle | Ashley Couzens | Yaraan Bundle | Cassandra Anderson | Marlee Bundle | Kelsey Love | Tarryn Love | Niyoka Bundle | Kirrae Couzens-Bundle

Special Announcement:

Launch of PAWA Catering and Events family business
PAWA (to cook in Gunditjmara) is a family owned and operated, catering business. Husband and wife team Niyoka Bundle and Vin Manning (the Chef), together with their extended family are proud to introduce their newly established venture and invite you to enjoy a sample selection of their original designed menu offerings that include Aboriginal bush foods and flavors.

Earlier Event: 29 November
Later Event: 28 February