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Blak Dot Gallery in collaboration with The Counihan Gallery In Brunswick is proud to present Both Sides of the Street, an exhibition that brings together artists from different disciplines and with different perspectives on what it means to live in contemporary Australian society, what it means to live on both sides of the street.

This exciting new exhibition, Both Sides of the Street includes twenty artists producing new works that are a direct result of dialogue between artists from different communities. Contemporary artists from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds have been invited to work with contemporary First Peoples artists, exchanging personal experiences, beliefs and traditional and spiritual knowledge. Through their respective artistic practices, the paired artists have then produced immersive multi-platform works that will examine what it means to live and make art on colonised land.

Both sides of the street is an exchange and celebration of cultural identity through art making, and is part of an ongoing dialogue within global Indigenous societies.

Our artists Include:
Arika Roo Waulu | Cecilia Kavara Verran | Dulcie Stewart | Georgia MacGuire | Gina Ropiha | Jason Baerg | Jen Rae | Kirsten Lyttle | Maree Clarke | Nadia Faragaab | Peter Waples-Crowe | Racquel Austin-Abdullah | Simon Rose | Steven Rhall | Susan Forrester | Siying Zhou | Texta Queen | Treahna Hamm | Vicki Couzens

Curated by Kimba Thompson
Assistant Curator: Eugenia Flynn

Welcomed by: Wurundjeri Elder Aunty Joy Murphy Wandin
Opened by: Cr Meghan Hopper Mayor of Moreland

Live artists performance by: Racquel Austin-Abdullah & Cecilia Kavara Verran

Image: Maree Clarke & Susan Forrester

Earlier Event: 18 September
Later Event: 5 May